Free Dermatica treatments for NHS staff and anyone struggling with skin concerns

Due to COVID-19, access to GPs and dermatologists is currently very limited with most clinics shut for the foreseeable future. If you’re struggling with a skin condition, not being able to get the treatment you need is frustrating at best. Worst case, it can be emotionally debilitating and start to impact mental health. 

We want to help out where we can, so we’re offering the first month of treatment for free to anyone struggling with a skin concern. If you are NHS staff, you can use our service, free of charge, for three months.*

If you don’t know Dermatica already, we’re a team of expert dermatologists, pharmacists and formulation scientists. We treat acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma and signs of ageing with skincare treatments that are tailormade for you. Our custom formulations contain effective prescription ingredients backed by years of independent clinical research and used by leading dermatologists worldwide. 

To sign up and get your first month free, go to our consultation and fill in your details. When you get to the checkout, it will automatically be applied. If you are NHS staff, please use your NHS email address to register and you will get instant access to three months of treatment, for free. 

As we are currently experiencing a high number of sign-ups, there is a slight delay in the time it takes our dermatology team to review your consultation and prescribe you with your personalised blend of active ingredients. As our dermatology team treats each customer individually, we have implemented a waiting list. We are working hard to review your consultation as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience – we look forward to treating you soon. 

*You only need to pay £2.90 for shipping 

Originally published May 01 2020, updated May 01 2020

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