Girl who has fallen asleep with her makeup on

What To Do If You Fall Asleep With Your Makeup On After A Night Out

Do you religiously remove your makeup before sleeping every day? The answer to this may be 'yes' for the most diligent of us. However, there will always be the odd occasion where we have not done what we know the

Young woman outside smiling and holding her face.

How Do I Know My Anti-Ageing Treatment is Working?

So you've purchased your anti-ageing treatment from Dermatica - but how do you know if it's working? Well, the key question here is... Do you look younger? This is the obvious question to ask yourself! But what are you really

Comparison. Portrait of beautiful woman with problem and clean skin, aging and youth concept, beauty treatment and lifting. Before and after concept. Youth, old age. Process of ageing and rejuvenation

What Exactly Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Ageing?

From around the age of 25, the first signs of ageing start to show. The main symptoms and signs of ageing include: -Fine lines and wrinkling -Brown pigmented blemishes (known as solar lentigines, age spots or liver spots) -Loss of

Cropped portrait of a young woman applying moisturizer to her skin in the bathroom at home

5 Skincare Myths Exposed

Understanding skin care has never been more complex. What with the constant information bombardment through media outlets, and the promise of new anti-ageing products, it can be difficult to know what to believe. From collagen supplements to over-exfoliating, here are

Smiling pretty woman applying cream on her face in bathroom

How Quickly Does Tretinoin Work?

What is Tretinoin? Tretinoin belongs to a group of drugs called retinoids, which means they are Vitamin A derivatives. Tretinoin is a topical (applied to the skin) form of Vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself and was first

Shot of a woman holding suntan lotion while lying on the beach

Holiday Skincare Tips: How To Look After Your Skin This Summer

So you are counting down the days until you finally get to go on your summer holiday. Whether it’s a lazy week on a beach in Greece, an activity-filled Mediterranean cruise - or a week of partying in Marbella, here

Cropped shot of a young woman standing on the beach

Can I Use Retinoids In Summer?

There's no reason why you should stop using retinoids in summer - as long as you protect your skin from the sun! Retinoids can make you more susceptible to sunburn as they act as exfoliators, but we also know from

An attractive young woman applying cream to her face.

How To Layer Your Retinoid With Your Other Skincare Products

Just because you have now upgraded to prescription-strength retinoids such as Tretinoin to deal with your primary skin concerns, doesn’t mean you need to ditch your entire arsenal of favourite skincare products. A retinoid can be used at the same time

Woman shopping for beauty products at a store

Prescription Retinoids vs High Street Products

Apart from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, none of us can escape the reality of ageing. As we age we develop wrinkles, changes in the skin’s pigment, loss of elasticity,  and our skin becomes more translucent. Humans have sought

Sun symbol on woman's body with right hand spreading sunscreen cream.

How To Avoid Sun-Damaged Skin

It is well known that the sun has numerous beneficial effects on our skin and overall health. These include improvements to our mood and well-being, the production of Vitamin D, as well as the regulation of our internal ‘body clock.’ However,

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