A consistent skincare routine is important when your skin is healthy – and even more so when it’s not. While your skin is being treated with prescription ingredients, it needs to be protected, hydrated and nourished daily.

That’s where your routine comes in.

Don’t worry if you’re not doing some (or any) of these steps yet. There’s no time like the present to begin. Read on to learn what a good skincare routine looks like, what order to apply your products in and how often to do so to get the most out of your products.

How do I know if what I’m using is right for my skin?

To help understand what your skin needs in terms of a personalised formula, you’ll have a free skin consultation online. This is really straightforward and involves answering some questions and uploading photos of your skin. From there, our dermatology experts will prescribe your formula, and you’ll receive this in the post monthly. With that in place, you can then select the daily essentials to support your skin while it’s being treated with rich active ingredients.

At Dermatica we believe daily skincare routines shouldn’t be complicated or lengthy. Less is definitely more. You can add in extra steps where you feel like it will benefit your skin – a hydrating serum or a deeply nourishing balm for dry patches for example. But the main job of your daily routine is to cleanse, moisturise, treat and protect.

Which cleanser should I choose?

Cleansing is essentially base camp on your skin journey. It’s where you start and end each day and will set your skin up for success by removing every last trace of daily dirt, sunscreen and makeup.

At Dermatica we have two cleansers to choose from.

The Balancing Glycerin Gel Cleanser has been designed for skin that’s sensitive, oily or blemish prone. Its formula is oil free and uses glycerin to help your skin retain moisture – without clogging pores or causing a stinging, stripped sensation.

We recommend The Caring Squalane Cream Cleanser for balanced or dry skin. It starts out as a cream – then becomes an oil on the skin, before transforming into a milky texture once you add warm water into the mix. A nourishing cleanser, it includes squalane for hydration and grapeseed and rice bran oils to deep clean.

And the Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid + Vit B5 Serum?

All skin can become dehydrated – and while some moisturisers are excellent for holding water into the skin, often it still it needs an initial boost of hydration. That’s where hyaluronic acid comes in. We use it because it absorbs the available moisture around it. Its molecules are smaller than many others – we use two different weights – so it can travel further into the epidermis and hold the moisture there. Doing so leaves skin looking more plumped, and helps soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Which moisturiser should I use?
Just like our cleansers, you have two moisturisers to choose from – and the one you select will depend on your skin type and its needs. For sensitive, oily or blemish-prone skin we recommend the Soothing Centella Gel Moisturiser. Oil free and fragrance free, this lightweight moisturiser hydrates and contains no comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients.

For dry, dehydrated and balanced skin, we recommend our Nourishing Ceramide + Peptide Moisturiser. As well as moisturising and comforting skin day and night, it helps fade the appearance of dark spots (that’s the niacinamide), while peptides help keep skin plump to smooth the appearance of fine lines.

What does the Restoring Ceramide Skin Balm do?

Last but not least is our calming balm. While most skin or lips won’t require this daily, it’s a brilliant addition to your arsenal as it provides instant relief, hydration and barrier protection to sensitised areas, flaky skin and very dry patches.

What order should I apply my products in?

The first and arguably most important step in your routine should be to cleanse. Just 1-2 pumps will cleanse your entire face and neck.
If you’re using a hydrating serum or azelaic acid cream, this is when you’d apply it – followed by your moisturiser and/or your SPF.

Remove every last trace of makeup and daily dirt with a cleanse. To double cleanse, just repeat the process. You can once again apply your hydrating serum, followed by your personalised formula.

Depending how your skin reacts to begin with, you might not apply your personalised formula every day. Unlike cleansing, you only need to apply your formula once each day, before bed.

Then the final step in your evening skincare routine is to moisturise.

Do I apply them all, every day?
That’s entirely up to you. Daily cleansing and moisturising is really important. Once your skin becomes used to your personalised formula, it will become a key part of your daily routine too. When and where you add extra steps to your routine will evolve with your skin’s needs each day, week and month.
For example, in winter your skin might become more dry so you may benefit from a thicker moisturiser or additional daily hydrating serum.

Where should I begin?
If you’re looking for a personalised formula to treat your skin’s specific needs, then your Dermatica skin journey will start with a selfie. It’s in your free consultation that we’ll recommend your formula, and once you’ve started you’ll also be able to check in with our dermatology experts any time for advice.

For our daily essentials, you can introduce them one by one into your existing routine as and when you finish up your current products. Or if you’re ready to try the entire routine, you can buy either cleanser, hydrating serum and your choice of moisturiser as a bundle and save £12.

Discover our range of daily essentials here.
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