Welcome to another Dermatica Skin Journey, where we ask real people about their skin concerns, goals, routine —  and how they really got on with our personalised formulas!

This UV Safety Awareness Month, we’re speaking to Carole, a 63-year-old from Glasgow who started noticing signs of sun damage and skin ageing in her 50s… 

Hi, Carole! We’d love to know more about how your skin journey began.

My previous skincare routine could be described as minimal. Until recently, I simply moisturised daily and cleansed at night. In fact, I didn’t start using sunscreen until I was in my 50s. 

And how were you feeling about your skin?

When I began to notice thread veins* on my chin and other signs of ageing, I wanted to educate myself more on skincare. I started trying out all sorts of products to improve my skin, from Botox and filler to retinol and toners. 

I even reached the point that I considered laser treatment — that was before I tried Dermatica. 

*Thread veins are fine, visible veins near the surface of the skin, which can be caused by factors such as hormonal changes and sun exposure.

It sounds like you’ve been on quite a journey! Tell us, why did you decide to start using Dermatica?

At first, I heard about the effects of prescription retinoids, and I was intrigued. If I’m interested in something, I’ll find out as much as I can about it! I only wanted to try the best I could buy, and that’s what led me to Dermatica.

How do you feel about your skin so far?

There is a definite difference. After using my formula for six months, I’m pleased to say the thread veins have all gone.

My skin also looks much brighter — there’s even a sort of glass-like glow to it.

We’re so excited you’re happy with your results! Could you share your skincare routine for others on anti-ageing journeys?

Absolutely! I know a lot more about skincare now than I did when I was younger.

In the morning, I cleanse and tone my skin, then follow up with an eye cream and moisturiser. I also use Vitamin C three times a week, and of course, I make sure to wear sunscreen every single day.

In the evening I cleanse and tone again, then wait 20 minutes before using my Dermatica formula. Just before bed, I apply a serum, eye cream, neck cream and moisturiser.

Thank you! Finally, is there any skincare advice you wish you’d been given earlier?

Always wear sunscreen. Also, use prescription skincare — it’s really helped me.

Our derms say…

“Carole’s results are fantastic, and she is positively beaming in her photos! Thread veins can be  caused by sun exposure, so a lack of sunscreen in her routine may have been a contributing factor. To help improve signs of damage and ageing one of the ingredients we prescribed is tretinoin — a powerful prescription-only retinoid which can help increase skin cell turnover to improve visible signs of ageing from UV damage, including thread veins. Consistency is key for the best results, and Carole’s 6 months of continued use really shine through in her skin journey!”

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