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Powerful personalised ingredients to improve pigmentation in the skin.
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Real people
Real results


Real people
Real results

“When I look and the before and after photos, I just can’t believe the difference in my skin. I know so many people Love freckles, but I’ve always tried to hide mine under thick layers of makeup and now I don’t have too! Thank you Dermatica 💙”
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  • Your own personalised formula, made with evidence-backed ingredients.
  • An expert-designed treatment plan that adapts to your skin journey.
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  • Unlimited and ongoing free dermatology consultations.
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First month £24.99 £2.90


Reduce pigmentation

Sometimes over the counter products don’t deliver. Our treatments use powerful ingredients that work hard. So you don’t have to.

Dark Spots & Age Spots

Sun Spots
Generally characterised by their brown, flat shape and clearly defined edge. They usually appear in aged skin and occur due to UV exposure.


Generally affects the forehead and or cheeks. Due to intense UV exposure, or as a result of pregnancy or a change in hormones.


Often less than 3mm in diameter, freckles occur due to melanin and are more prominent in summer, usually fading in winter.

Post-acne pigmentation

Post inflammatory pigmentation
A temporary discolouration due to inflammation leaving brown/red/yellow marks on the skin.

Your global team of experts

Our dermatology team includes consultant dermatologists, pharmacists, GPs, clinical researchers and formulation scientists to help you reach your treatment goals.
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Start your skin journey today in three simple steps.
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Our dermatology team review your answers and select the perfect combination of active ingredients for you.
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We adapt with you
Our experts check in with ongoing support, adjusting your treatment plan as your skin progresses.

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