What To Do If You Fall Asleep With Your Makeup On After A Night Out

Do you religiously remove your makeup before sleeping every day? The answer to this may be ‘yes’ for the most diligent of us. However, there will always be the odd occasion where we have not done what we know the skincare Gods would expect of us! We have all been there at some point – fallen asleep with a full face of makeup on only to wake up to the consequences the next day. Here are our top skincare troubleshooting tips to help control the situation…

Our advice? Don’t worry about it. Just wash your makeup off as per usual the next morning and get on with our life. Just like eating pizza or ice cream once won’t make you gain 5 pounds of fat overnight, your skin won’t suffer if you sleep with your makeup on. There is actually very little scientific evidence that makeup even contributes to acne formation. The only reason to remove your makeup at night is to allow you to be able to apply your prescription treatment directly onto your skin so it can penetrate the skin and work its magic.



Dr Noha Elshimy
Dr Noha Elshimy
Dr Noha Elshimy graduated from the University of Birmingham with honours and two distinctions. She is currently undergoing her specialisation in dermatology in the UK. Through her training, she wholly appreciates both the physical and psychological impact that dermatological conditions can have on patients. She has a passion for teaching others and has been regularly involved with teaching medical students from the local university.
Originally published August 10 2018, updated July 03 2019

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