Weather you like it, weather you don’t

How does temperature affect your skin? Our bodies react as seasons change and the temperature fluctuates. Our skin, of course, is at the front line of personal climate change. What can we do to combat the effects of winter cold


How to tell if your skin is sensitive or overloaded

Sensitive skin is more common than you think and affects over 50% of the general population. But, just because you react to a particular product, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have sensitive skin.  The more products you use on

Girl who has fallen asleep with her makeup on

What To Do If You Fall Asleep With Your Makeup On After A Night Out

Do you religiously remove your makeup before sleeping every day? The answer to this may be 'yes' for the most diligent of us. However, there will always be the odd occasion where we have not done what we know the

Cropped portrait of a young woman applying moisturizer to her skin in the bathroom at home

5 Skincare Myths Exposed

Understanding skin care has never been more complex. What with the constant information bombardment through media outlets, and the promise of new anti-ageing products, it can be difficult to know what to believe. From collagen supplements to over-exfoliating, here are

Shot of a woman holding suntan lotion while lying on the beach

Holiday Skincare Tips: How To Look After Your Skin This Summer

So you are counting down the days until you finally get to go on your summer holiday. Whether it’s a lazy week on a beach in Greece, an activity-filled Mediterranean cruise - or a week of partying in Marbella, here

Close up photo of young lady, touching her cheeks and look happy

Your Official Guide To Oily Skin

Oily skin is known as 'seborrhea' and is caused by excess skin oil - or 'sebum'.  You'll probably be surprised to hear that newborn babies produce a lot of sebum but this quickly decreases, until it reappears with a vengeance

Shot of a beautiful young woman admiring herself in the mirror at home

5 Acids You Should Consider Adding to your Skincare Routine

What is an ‘acid’? Let’s take you back – just briefly – to your GCSE or A-level chemistry class... The pH scale is a measure of acidity or alkalinity of a substance, on a scale of zero to fourteen, with

Reflection in the mirror. Woman looks in the mirror noticing her undereye bags

Is There Anything You Can Do About Dark Undereye Circles?

Dark undereye circles are a tricky area to treat. We've all woken up in the morning after a tough night and sighed at the familiar appearance of eye bags - or ‘cutaneous idiopathic hyperchromia of the orbital region (CIHOR)', to